Big boys join the club?

When electronic cigarettes were first introduced into the market place, big tobacco companies immediately felt threatened by the news. Electronic cigarettes offered a healthier, safer, and more convenient way to smoke. With attempts to destroy their competition, leading tobacco companies, namely Phillip Morris, made grand efforts to get the production of electronic cigarettes and marketing […]

E-Cigarette News – India

WORLD NEWS – E-Cigs E-Cigarettes are truly becoming popular worldwide. Here in India recently e-cigarettes came into the news after actor Sanjay Dutt sought the court’s permission to use them during his remaining term in jail, e-cigarettes, or electronic cigarettes, are not only easily available in the Tricity area but also being sold over the […]

5 good reasons why you should make the change to E Cigarettes

Everyone knows that smoking kills and is most definitely one of the worst habits anyone could have. But now you don’t have to give up the habit but just change the habit to a far healthier one. Here are 5 good reasons why you should make the change to E Cigarettes. E Cigarettes Save Money. […]